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CR-Series Roller Clutches

Clutches for Installation in Your Housing

CR-Series Roller Clutch Assembly

CR-Series Roller Clutches:

CR-Series Tiny-Clutches are captured roller and cam assemblies that work the same as our D-Series, but which are installed in your housing. The clutch has near zero backlash & allows high overrunning speeds, making them ideal for machines requiring overrunning, backstopping, freewheeling or one-way clutches, such as inclined conveyors, tape and film drives, riveters, stampers Collection of CR-Series Roller Clutchesetc. CR-Series clutches are a proven cam and roller principle that provides long trouble free life. The outer housing and cam drive each other through wedging action between the rollers and the housing. The rollers are maintained in contact with the housing by individual springs & side plates capture the rollers in position relative to the cam. Power may be applied to the clutch through either the housing or the shaft. Clutches may be mounted for either R.H. or L.H. drive & the cam is screwed or keyed to the shaft. MATERIALS - Cam is hardened & ground Steel; Rollers are hardened & ground ball bearing type steel. All stainless clutches are also available.

CR-Series Tiny-Clutches are available for shafts up to 1/2", torque loads up to 25lbs-in | 2.8Nm & speeds up to 7000RPM.  We will design & build special or modified clutches for your application using stock components.  Clutches can be supplied as complete mechanical assemblies consisting of clutch, shaft and adjacent parts.

Standard CR-Series Clutches:

  Min. Max. Max. Torque Max. Speed Notes
CR462 1/8" 1/4" 4lbs-in | 0.5Nm 7000RPM  
CR662 1/8" 1/4" 8lbs-in | 0.9Nm 6000RPM Wide Version of CR462
CR887 5/16" 3/8" 20lbs-in | 2.3Nm 5000RPM  
CR102 5/16" 1/2" 25lbs-in | 2.8Nm 4500RPM  
CR102T 5/16" 1/2" 15lbs-in | 1.7Nm 4500RPM Thin Version of CR102

CR-Series Roller Clutch Benefits:

CR-Series Roller Clutch Mounting:

The CR-Series Clutches should be installed according to good bearing practice, using either bushings or bearings. It is important the clutch NOT be used as a roller bearing.

CR-Series Clutch Housing SpecificationsFor best performance, race should be concentric with housing bearing within .002 T.I.R.

Unhardened steel housing races are adequate for many applications. Housings with a race surface hardened to Rockwell C-60 are recommended for high torque, shock duty or for high overrunning speeds.

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